Veterinary Games Online Roomate Scam On Internet?

Roomate Scam on Internet? - veterinary games online

I saw in my e-mail after the publication of an advertisement for a roommate to live with me. I think it is a scam. Anyone who watches the same? She wants me to send a warrant, but I also have another person in Australia will say something similar in your e-mail to me like a little girl from England.

I'm Wendy, I saw your ad on that you rent a property, I appreciate the breakdown details of the house because of what you would in your ad but would like more information on the number and neighbors that expecially. ....

In any event, I would not know much about me, my name is Wendy, I'm English, I am 25 years old, drink or smoke, cool, calm and easy with the person I'm cool live life with people.I swim for fun and sometimes video games .. I lost my father in a car accident 4 years ago ... I live with my mother and my brother here in London, I love going out and, with discotheques, studied once in a blue moon, I medical and surgical treatment of animals (veterinary) Here and Royal Veterinary College. I hope that my current job October 5, 2007 .... complete, I intend to work in my medical career and a job there as soon as you arrive in the state.

However, I would come back to me with the details of the space, the total cost of the movement, and the all-inclusive, and pictures as soon as the items available ....

I will wait your reply soon ....


Yak Rider said...

If I were not on a transfer or check to anyone, under any circumstances. There are simply too many counterfeit in circulation. It can take months to clear, not days or a week or two.

I would have no one to my account number and routing number or. Clean.

My guess is that you have the money to bank or draft, and a week after discovering that they have an emergency and need money because they have changed their plans. Then send money to his back and was lost six weeks after the transfer or check.

Obviously, this is a scam.

If you desire (to set up an account free trial account) have in It tells you exactly where your email was opened (town and country) when it opens) (date and time, the time was open) (in minutes and seconds, and how often, in his case. If you get the same information, will open on the second kind. You can also obtain the IP address of each computer that opensE-mail to your ISP. The easy to use 'em in a lie.

Smiley said...

It is a scam ... the payment order will be a pirate!

Truthsee... said...

Total fraud. They give you a referral or check approved, only to discover that fraudulent, and you must repay the money. In addition, the broken English, a clear signal can, for example: "I wish I knew ..."

Michelle said...

Ted is absolutely right, it is a scam ....... Check fraud!

The crooks want to rent a room and provide a check or money to send much more money than to ask.

He will tell you redeem the check and order (or proxy) "extra" money through Western Union. The check or money order will be wrong, even if the bank's money to review and tell
it is "cleaned "!!!! The Bank is in a few days
or weeks, that is to control false, and you must pay all
Money, including money to the fraudsters.

Could the Bank nor arrested for cashing a bad check to you.

It is a common scam that many people lose their money. The perpetrator tried this scam too many people, and hope that you do not know that the check is false that it is your money.

All that money you via e-transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram can not be traced or will be recovered once it has received.

Good luck with yourRooms for rent :-)

Kekionga said...

Ted, I would be scared if I were you. Very afraid ....

"If it sounds too good to be true, is not a rule."


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