Power Of Attorney Act, Rapidshare How Would You Characterize This Period Of "Becoming World Power"?

How would you characterize this period of "Becoming World Power"? - power of attorney act, rapidshare

The period 1875-1920 has been described as a moment of "disinterested altruism", where the United States has defended the weaker nations against the Raptors and the spread of European power, "the blessings of democracy and civilization." Others called him the "new" Manifest Destiny "and that it was a moment of" reckless American expansion at the expense of weaker nations and in violation of our most sacred principles of popular sovereignty and consent of the governed.


r1b1c said...

"If the United States, defended the poorest countries against European powers Raptors ..."


At this time, the United States have half of Mexico, was destroyed in the process of adoption of Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines from Spain had the Armada Argentina, Colombia is divided into two to create Panama, so he may to build channel. ..

Read a little ... Geez. yes yes yes

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