Playing Cabal Using Internet Proxy How To Play Cabal Online Using Proxy Server?

How to play cabal online using proxy server? - playing cabal using internet proxy

It is an online game and I can not get in touch or to upgrade the server due to the blocking of the Internet gateway. (Astaro). Can someone help me, like Cabal online connection through a proxy server.


fritz ^';..;'^ said...

It's easy. Everything you need to do is enter an open proxy site and the URL. Web proxy is an intermediary between your PC and your desired location / site.

Most free web proxies can be slow and boring with all the pop-ups, but there are a few decent. I suggest you see some of these:

European proxies:

Related to Germany:

The non-specific sites:

Hope this helps. Good luck!

www.247W... said...

You can use a web proxy Unblobk, here are a few:

Make sure your friends or on their MySpace page or blog so that others may enjoy the story.

Happy surfing!

enprinte said...

Try using a proxy:


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