Antique Juice Squeezers What Is This Antique Gadget Called?

What is this antique gadget called? - antique juice squeezers

It almost looks like a silver press and lime juice, but the hole is small. When the two handles are brought together measure about 4 "long, but when the two handles are pushed through measures 8 3 / 4" length of an identifier for treating others. The gap closes and a lemon squeezer. The party press, you have ten round holes on both sides. The handles are pressing the wrong way around a ball bowler. Thank you for your help


starshad... said...

How big is the cart? If it is small as it seems, and only 10 holes on that sounds like a garlic press.
To determine whether any of these items is similar to eBay: ...

Snow said...

Looks like an old potato masher for me. You can be sure, but the picture.

Try a search for "Old-mash" and see if you find an image that corresponds to sell. They came in a variety of sizes and colors - some with a wooden handle, etc.

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