Jet Stream Blue Corvette Need Advice For Paint Job?

Need advice for paint job? - jet stream blue corvette

I have an MR2 MK2 and have an invasive / Veilside body kit in and share it. Would you recommend the Jet Stream Blue Corvette ZR1 metal or metallic-blue win RX8? Winning Blue is almost the same color blue as the new highway Tacoma for most of you know, his medium-blue variety, as far as darkness goes. He has an exceptional brightness, but lately I have been in love with the lighter tone and look of the river almost Teal Jet Blue. This paint job is running a great 2g me what I want to make sure, in getting better.

Winning Blue Speedway

Jet Blue Stream


Tyler D said...

Corvette Blue F-sho

Kit said...

And the pink dots purple polka dots? I do not often see.

matt said...

Honda SI the most beautiful sexy or blue Subaru WRX can not by that name is also remarkable painting OEM for two cars is cheaper than paint corvette and the colors are thinking very similarly. and what you will not get painted himself MAAC.

I remember only certified colors are more expensive than others, it is generally higher for Model Cars Corvette AKA Lambo etc, if the OEM color they use is always more expensive than painting say Honda Civic SI. Fang understand me?

Here is a picture of the blue ... SI
and a blue Subaru ...

But keep in mind that this does not change the cost of labor, of course.

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