Muscle Spasms In Head Muscle Spasms In Head Anxiety Or Just Muscle Spasm Idk?

Muscle spasms in head anxiety or just muscle spasm idk? - muscle spasms in head

I had these spasms of the muscles in his head for years, I have sometimes.

What happens to you unexpectedly receive a lot of pain in the left posterior head, the left rear corner. It hurts for a few seconds after his departure, I feel some excitement in my voice and my head feels and tenders.

I suffer from anxiety, but I had problems before the fear in this way.

After my first panic attack that MRI is not specific to it, but for doctors.

Please do not reply if you know what you are talking, and I'm only 16 men


The pain in the neck sometimes feels like a severe muscle spasm


gyenyame said...

Have you tried a neurologist before the Web?
Often, pain and spasm with the kind of buzz you describe in the case of involvement of nerves.
You're too young to let them further. Ask your PCP for a referral

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