Buy Yasmin Pill Am I Protected During These 7 Days After The Last Tablet Of Yasmin "21 Tab" Was Taken?

Am I protected during these 7 days after the last tablet of Yasmin "21 tab" was taken? - buy yasmin pill

Taken within the next 7 days, I take a pill after the last pill that was not mean that pregnant? If not, please advise what can I do now, as the day add to the "pill or buying a new pack of Yasmin more than 1 or less?"

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Chezumss... said...

The pills with the rest of 7 days to continue the hormone, which does accrue during the 21 days that are protected for the rest. If you missed a pill or taken wrong, must be protected. After the break, have to take the pills in general.
Check the brochure that came with your pills. The information can be found here.

Mingu said...

It is completely covered, while the new pack to start off the day after the 7 days, or you can pause after ovulation and sperm in the vagina for 5 days to live.

The pill protects against pregnancy while taking properly. Are you reading the instructions, or go to and Yasmin.

Badger said...

Yes, if you have a pill that is fertile password for the next 5 days (even if u take the pill) on the next day .. If u had unprotected sex without the pills, then go to the morning-after pill to be safe!

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