Dry Flakey No Hair Spots On Puppy Flakey Scalp Thats Becoming Bleedy And Sore Looking At The Hair Line.?

Flakey scalp thats becoming bleedy and sore looking at the hair line.? - dry flakey no hair spots on puppy

The hair is thick, my friend, and recently had problems, as it is more elegant and less inflated. But one of his problems, that it quite large flakes of dandruff, and I noticed that could have touched in his line of hair, the wound from which he dries the skin. Who knows how we could solve this problem?


MiSs MuRdEr said...

You have symptoms such as freezing, which helped a lot, and it was clarified that at no time: D

Kayla R said...

Goto id say doctors

It has been under great pressure, I learned that stress can cause very dry scalp and wounds

for him to treat head and shoulders

and if it does not contribute to more than two weeks
Jump to doctors would be given serious

thestitc... said...

That sounds like a case of psoriasis. It is very easy to do with hydrocortisone cream, but you have been prescribed by a doctor. I hope he recovers soon.

self-exp... said...

ewww he needs to consult a doctor. Thereafter, the gel is used, not zero.

K T said...

He needs to see a doctor, might be one of a number of things that are treatable. Good luck

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