Trading Pokemon Vba Link How Do You Connect To People Over VBA Link To Battle Using Pokemon With Hamachi?

How do you connect to people over VBA Link to battle using Pokemon with Hamachi? - trading pokemon vba link

I recently downloaded VBA Link for the fight and trade with my friend ... but have no idea where to start. I downloaded Hamachi .... I do not know why, but I heard that his practice to go with VBA link. Any idea what to do?


tsijiang said...

Hamachi with:

Log in official VBA Hamachi network!
Network name: VBAnetwork
To connect to the server official Megaman GBA, log: VBAnetworkMGMN
To join the official Pokemon GBA server, ask: VBAnetworkPKMN
For the official candidate Yu-Gi-Oh GBA server, connect to: VBAnetworkYUGI
To join the official server of Zelda GBA, log
Nobody VBAnetworkZLDA
To reach the official Sonic GBA server, log
Nobody VBAnetworkSNIC
In joining the official number of GBA games
Contact: VBAnetworkMISC
Then you must right-click on people who are online, select the cat and asked,

Update: The Official Pokemon server and the server list is also full official PLA. connected, the PLA will be the official secondary marketServer:
VBAnetwork4 (and so on)

Determine Another is that these network names are case-sensitive.

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