Irrevocable Trust California I Would Like To Create An Irrevocable Living Trust.?

I would like to create an irrevocable living trust.? - irrevocable trust california

Do not know where I can download or find ways to provide this service to companies? I live in California. Thank you!


efflandt said...

Is not "irrevocable" and "live" a contradiction in terms.

An irrevocable trust is what the property and have no control over the assets to transfer the trust.

For a living trust still holds control over the trust during his lifetime, and even if you have a disability benefits Trust until his death.

Although I'm not sure what that means, if you still have some control] without the consent of a party 3 [Recipient (s) other than your spouse and any 3rd party site (s).

It would be best to consult a real lawyer and to avoid inadvertent error. In one case, someone has his house in a non-trust appoint himself as administrator, but a beneficiary as a trustee.The receiver and disappeared into an unknown person had no idea how to sell control of the property back because they did not retain the right to know that in the trust.

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