Pic Of Foraminal Stenosis How Do I Change The Imvu Inventory Pic Of My Newly Submitted Item For The Second Time?

How do i change the imvu inventory pic of my newly submitted item for the second time? - pic of foraminal stenosis

Hello everyone, I began to dress in imvu now, but not new products, increase for the new element, without the theme already in my inventory. So, how can the issue of stock again top? I've changed the image of the list symbol, but not change, the inventory table. When I say that the list buyer icon pic, you can see me when they try to set or remove the item in your inventory.

Any help much appreciated.


Sandy k said...

Photo catalog of images is the inventory that will see the buyer. IMVU but for some reason, often developers see only the original images were subjected to IMVU. But if you change it, it will change for everyone, but you, the developer. I know it's weird .. imvu but this is here for you! Lol Hope that helps!

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