Nose Wart Or Whitehead Pimple Like Sore On My Genital Area?

Pimple like sore on my genital area? - nose wart or whitehead

I have a grain, such as pain) in the left lower lip (genital area. I am a woman.
His head is white. Not like a wart look like, but I guess you never know. It looks like a button with a Whitehead. I only had a few days. I handed over on Sunday with pain and I now have what is like a cold with a runny nose and congestion. The flu is going to work. Could it be as cold sores or pain in the ulcer, or sweating while I was sick? I do not have herpes. I have been with the same man for 3 years and none of us has ever symptoms of herpes. I have HPV, but not like a wart to search. I can not in the Dr. soon because of my working time. Should I worry or it could be a PIMnas? Thanks


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