Promotion Quotes Of Congratulations "Nothing Happens Without Promotion" - P.T. Barnum / Does That Apply To Professional Photography As Well?

"Nothing happens without promotion" - P.T. Barnum / Does that apply to professional photography as well? - promotion quotes of congratulations

Paraphrased from lack of space.

I think the actual price will be "something terrible will happen without funding. Nothing.


Polyhist... said...

It is not necessary to promote the best mousetrap in the world, experienced the world and the way to your door.

Extra said...

It applies to any company that is - Why do you think Coca-Cola spend millions annually on advertising.

Undoubtedly true of photography, there are probably more than 20 years.

Steve P said...

Absolutely. See how you get your business as a photographer, without advertising and marketing. Word of mouth and his "name out there" does not take long, long time.


Teri said...

I would say that is all the arts. The best is the key to success.

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