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Menstrual Cycle Much too early! Help!? - menstrual cycle blog post a comment blogspot

My use of the menstrual cycle is very consistent. Start the 27th of each month, 3 or 4 days after the day, while the back 27th Over the past 2 years, the very uneven next one to two days earlier than they normally do not. Is now 3 to 4 days. And this month is a week a half ago! Needless to say, I checked.
I was really on the last weeks, but no more stressed than before. Why so early? Stress really get you sooner or is that just an urban legend? I mean, I can say that it is a fact, not to mention that you have read someone's blog? Can you tell me, I have this problem and my doctor had said it was the stress. Oh yes, I'm a doctor, and I think it's very early because of stress. Can also noted Maniand flow? (It is very hard for a reason!)

Will this go away? I said goodbye to my month of time between cycles? Is this normal? I can do something to just keep taking the birth control and to see a doctor? Please help!

Thank you.


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