South Park Tv English GIRLS, AM I A DATABLE GUY?

GIRLS, AM I A DATABLE GUY? - south park tv english

OK, so I've discovered that my "datability-factor", so if ura girl just read this and tell me what u think a man like me.

White male, brown hair and eyes and everyone says I look like Evan from Superbad (the father of the young people in Juno, too. If u dont know how to look, in the HES Law / wordpress / WP -content/uploads/2007/08/superbad.jpg)


not so much in sport

currently in school and try for a English teacher

I graduated from high school in 3.5 years w / an average of 3.5/4.0

I have a silver '06 Mustang

Vegetarian, the thought of vegan


Im not in the party scene or something like that almost never drink or do something like have this pot, I never done before, and I am currently a virgin.

I like what is probably the best reading late into the night, read as if u is 10 to 1 or 2, things seem much more interesting.

Favorite TV: things like Seinfeld, South Park, The Daily Show, Star Trek, etc.

Favorite Author: Carl Sagan

Band: Bon Jovi

, OK, So what u think? I promise I'm not a creepy kind that want to answer the people affected to lol,, just know that if the girls think I'm a cold or something.


jasey said...

Evan Juno is hotttt!

cassie. said...

the perfect way for a girl there ..

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