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Clothing storage solutions small sliding closet!? - closet solutions

No matter how I arrange my clothes that always seems to be crushed and have no place to achieve things.
I hang a closet door, sliding door is one of the sides that go behind the wall a little, and I have stacked up against the deep shelves, I have two rows (depth) of clothes and 3, but I can not move the back row, so I just put a
I have no drawers for underwear and socks, so that it in a plastic bowl in the cupboard, or where the belts that I have enough hang.
my shirts and blouses are now exposed to all stacked in my tvstand / shelf.

Storage solutions to help, my clothes fit better, I do not know much more than a lot of disk space and no idea how to circumvent.


nikki. said...

I have the same problem, theres no way my mother will spend the money for me to get a large company or an organization of the system - I am twice the range in the closet. I try to buy things from storage containers, check it out.

Epifania said...

I had the same problem, iuntil A friend recommended 6 platform organized. Works great for me, is foldable and does the job. Go to 721,134 and enter into the search box.

refferingibo # 5147404 and key "NAV"

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